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Susie is a complimentary conversation away
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End Of Life Consulting

“If we treated death as we treat birth, death would take its rightful and valued place in the circle of human experiences. By doing this — in cases when death is not sudden, and being prepared even if death does come suddenly — the end of life would be a time not of fear and anxiety but of love and connection and a time to access our deepest emotions. For those who remain, this vulnerability would segue into our grief.”

Goodbye Gatherings

What is a Goodbye Gathering?

A GOODBYE GATHERING is a celebration of life held while a person with a terminal illness is still alive, alert and oriented to the world. 

Please note that due to current public gathering restrictions, Goodbye Gatherings will be on hold until the restrictions are lifted. Thank you.

Holistic Heart Healing

If you are struggling in your life and doing it hard, a personalised Heart Healing package will give you simple loving tools to work through your personal pain.

“I found Susie at a time where I needed help with some closure on my past.  She helped me clear the blockages that were holding me back from being the best version of myself.  From the first phone call through to the last session, Susie’s focus is purely on you.  Thank you, Susie for the gentle guidance that I needed.”

- Evelyn

“This is amazing work, and so insightful. Fascinating to see the photo actually change before your eyes when Susie reads the energy from your photo and  helps you to  acknowledge what is actually going on in it. This insight then gives you healing from what you need to learn about yourself.”

- Ruth

“There were things Susie shared with me, that only I knew about and through embracing the healing process, I am now in a place where I have let go of all things that are holding me back.”

- Evelyn

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