Susie Dolling

Hi, I’m Susie.

I have been working in the Holistic field for over 30 years

I am trained and qualified as a Holistic Heart Healer & End of Life Consultant as well as beginning my journey as a Life Coach.

The modality of Holistic Heart Healing holds the core passion for me to use with my clients.

Travelling to India to further my training in the knowledge of self-awareness and healing has now given me an Intuitive Gift to work deeply and lovingly with those whose hearts are blocked from emotional pain and want to begin to live their lives in peace.

My goal also as a Holistic Heart Healer & End of Life Consultant is to be able to specialise with assisting people to cope with illness, dying and grief.
My passionate belief is that peace at the end begins with meaningful conversations over time, I feel the more we can engage in talking about this difficult subject, the more prepared and ultimately comforted we will be when we reach the end of life.

When people say, “Susie, how is it that every time you are around we talk about death?” I take it as the ultimate compliment. It’s my passion, and I am honoured to be able to open up these conversations and put people at ease.

“I had not experienced the Photo Healing before. On reflection of the photos I presented to Susie was that she was able to convey to me information that was very insightful  and she does this in a way that has given me closure to a lifetime of unanswered questions.”

- Shaine