End Of Life Consulting

“If we treated death as we treat birth, death would take its rightful and valued place in the circle of human experiences. By doing this — in cases when death is not sudden, and being prepared even if death does come suddenly — the end of life would be a time not of fear and anxiety but of love and connection and a time to access our deepest emotions. For those who remain, this vulnerability would segue into our grief.”

Heart Healing Guidance One to One & Family Groups

When families are faced with the crisis of losing a Loved One it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel.

My passion is helping families to heal through this experience.

I can help Individuals & or Families gain clarity and take action toward healing in their hearts and homes.

This help I provide by Heart Healing coaching, and healing therapies which will assist the Individuals and Families
to transition from just coping to learning skills for themselves to work with during their challenge of loss & life changes which in turn will begin creating a space for Self Love, Self-Care and Peace.


Advance Care Directive Form Assistance

An Advance Care Directive is an important step forward in planning for future health care, preferred living arrangements and other personal matters.

It replaces the existing Enduring Powers of Guardianship, Medical Powers of Attorney and Anticipatory Directions with a single Advance Care Directive Form.

An Advance Care Directive makes it easy for others to know what your wishes are when you are unable to make these decisions yourself. It can also give you peace of mind to know that your wishes are known and will be respected, if others need to make decisions for you have the conversation. What care would you want?

At some point in your life, there may come a time when you are unable to make a decision.
It could be because of a sudden accident … serious mental health episode of dementia or similar condition of a sudden stroke or you are unconscious or in a coma.

Do You have someone who can assist you to fill in this form?
If not,  Susie can assist you, or alongside you & your family to fill in Your Advance Care Directive.