What is a Goodbye Gathering?

A GOODBYE GATHERING is a celebration of life held while a person with a terminal illness is still alive, alert and oriented to the world. Ideally, the person will still be able to hold conversations, be able to sit up & enjoy the occasion in their honour It is important to consider whether or not the person can withstand the wide range of emotions that present themselves in this kind of gathering, too.

Where will we hold the celebration?

Usually at home or a place that is familiar and holds meaning to this person which makes the most sense.
If wanted at their special place it’s best if it won’t be too crowded; and that a large comfortable chair or lounge can be placed for the person to be safe and comfortable to be able to best enjoy their guests’ company.

Who is invited?

Whoever the person feels close to and wants to see before passing.
Being in person to say good bye to a Loved One, a relative or friend can be a peaceful and reciprocally healing experience.

How long should a GOODBYE GATHERING last?

How long the gathering goes for relates directly to the condition of the person that it is being held for and how she or he is feeling physically, mentally and emotionally.
A range of one hour – three hours maximum for the Gathering.

Catered Gathering Packages are available and/or partly self-catered can be by the family (Which may include a Loved One’s favourite cake or dish.)

A casual, planned and or scripted gathering can be hosted by myself which also includes a videoed “Loving Memento of the Gathering”. This video will include those who attended, which is for the family to have of their Loved One’s “Goodbye Gathering”.
The time of the day to hold the gathering is when the person being celebrated has the most energy and with that in mind the planning begins.

 ** This kind of Gathering /Celebration of Life is not for everybody.

For those who want to have no regrets after their Loved One has died, holding a Goodbye Gathering can truly be a beautiful heart healing and life-affirming way to look at death and let it bring to them a new appreciation for life and to living life how they truly want it to be.

What is an End-of-Life Companion /Doula?

 An End-of-Life Companion/ Doula is not a new concept. Many cultures for thousands of years have supported the practice of people staying in their homes to die, looked after by family and community.

 However, in the modern Western world there has been a trend towards nursing homes and hospitalization which can lead to isolation, lack of choice and opportunity for all concerned. Death, which is inevitable, often can become a lonely and somber ‘medicalized’ experience.

 An End-of-Life Companion/ Doula is a non-medical person whose role can help provide support, options and also gives assistance to the dying and those around them and to have their end of life unfold in alignment with their wishes, to preserve the quality of life and wellbeing.

They are the “informed companion” bringing comfort, support, compassion, and can assist a person and their family in feeling safe and supported during this important transition.

An End-of-Life Companion /Doula will assist in making the road ahead an intimate, sacred and rich experience for everyone involved, whether medical support is required or not, whether at home, in a hospice or hospital – creating ‘home’ wherever you are.

Providing a shoulder, an ear that is empathetic, resourceful and understanding of your journey and all it entails…assisting you fulfill this life journey as you choose to.