About Holistic Heart Healing

– Will a Holistic Heart Healing Package Help Me?

If you are struggling in your life and doing it hard, a personalised Heart Healing package will give you simple loving tools to work through your personal pain.

You will be releasing blockages from every area of your life through following the easy take home tools and intuitive advice given to you through the sessions

Holistic Heart Healing Packages are for you if:

  • You are not living the life you desire
  • You are wanting to learn how to love yourself
  • You are willing to let go of the baggage 
  • Negative beliefs and patterns are holding you back.

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“I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the Heart Healing package with Susie. It has been the most transformational and rewarding time. Susie has created a calm, light and peaceful space to do her work in. My Heart Healing messages have been accurate and timely for me. Susie has the ability to explain the messages by asking questions and getting me to decipher what has been sent to me. This has given me the insight to not ignore the messages coming from my heart.”

- Shaine

“The Heart Healing sessions with Susie have helped me connect with what’s important to me and has opened my heart in my interactions with others. It has also given me some simple tools to use to ensure the decisions I make come from the heart and are what I truly want.”

- Ruth

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Payment up to 3 days before the first session.  

48hrs Cancellation Notice or Change of Appointment required.

No Refund if Not Attended.