The Story Behind Goodbye Gatherings

I just wanted to share with you how Goodbye Gatherings came about.

I cared for a client who joked “I don’t want everyone drinking my good wine when I’ve died” so I arranged for his family & friends to come over to his home on a Sunday afternoon.

During this gathering everyone drank wine, ate delicious food and had the chance to share with my client something loving, memorable or even a joke or two that was in their heart for him.

By the end of the day everyone got to feel that they had said their goodbyes and even though it was a very emotional situation, people felt that they would have no regrets when he was gone. A life limiting illness can be a gift.

A gift of time with your loved one.

With this time you have been given, you get to say and do things with your loved ones, that in the end will be easier on your heart when they have died.

Goodbye Gatherings will be videoed so that people can have that memorable experience to be left with their families.

One of the things that I want to capture at the “Goodbye Gatherings” is a keepsake of the love that people have shared on the day and the stories that families may never have known about their loved one.

This is similar to the beautiful stories that would normally be shared at a person’s funeral.

Where you will often hear people say “What a shame they weren’t here, to hear all the lovely things that everyone has said about them.”

Now they can.

Honouring a person you love at a Goodbye Gathering can be confronting  emotionally especially when you have already been going through a highly emotional time.

An added gift you can give the person you love is for them to know that you have done this because of your love for them and that they can die knowing you have completed everything that you ever wanted with them in this lifetime.